Can dreams predict the future? Do extraterrestrials control our world? Do you believe in ghosts or poltergeists? Did Linden Johnson have John F. Kennedy assassinated? Will the world end in 2015? Is there a fascist New World Order currently replacing America? Could there actually be a special "God" helmet much like the GARDEN device in the novel Fury in the Garden? Or are these questions and others like them all just Crazy Talk?

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 Time Travel




Time Travel

One of my favorite Sci-Fi topics in movies and books is time travel. Imagine going back in time, perhaps to the 70's, knowing everything you know now. Imagine all the things you could do with that knowledge. Some believe our government, or a clandestine "black government", has already accomplished time travel and used it to alter our history to further their own agenda. Some believe time travel was accomplished by back-engineering extraterrestrial technology. Others believe human beings, in the not-too-distant future, accomplished time travel and simply traveled back to our time and perhaps shared their knowledge, thereby making it possible to time travel today. Is time travel possible or is it still science fiction and crazy talk? Watch and decide.




















Clear pictures here: paranormal.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm











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Arguably one of the most controversial topics today, the UFO story remains a compelling mystery to some, a fraud to others, an absolute fact to those who claim actual experience, and to others it is simply crazy talk. You decide.





The Chicago O'Hare UFO










A well-known fake with Hollywood standard effects. There are plenty via YouTube.





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Mind Over Matter

Does mind over matter abilities such as telekinesis, levitation, psychokinesis, sudden great strength, clairvoyance, etc... exist? The X-Men, Carrie, and Jedi Knights, are famous fictional movie characters with the power of mind over matter, but is it possible for a human being to actually have such abilities, and more? Stories of mothers lifting cars to save their children are well known, can such stories be evidence that within all of us lies a powerful untapped source of mind over matter, or is it somehow misinterpretation, clever illusionist tricks or simply misperception of info leading to outrageous claims and crazy talk?


Is Gravity actually an "Illusion"?

A Scientist Takes On Gravity: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/13/science/13gravity.html?_r=1

The Origin of Gravity: http://arxiv.org/abs/1001.0785 












 James Randi demonstrates how small strings can be used to duplicate Nina Kulagina's telekinesis.




 NOT "Real" telekinesis. Very well done clever trick.


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President Kennedy Assassination

We've been told the Warren Report is the final word on the assassination of President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter, and there was no conspiracy. Yet much debate and conspiracy theories persist. Why? Is there more to this horrible event on November 22, 1963 than we have been told or is the whole idea of a government conspiracy to kill President Kennedy all just crazy talk?















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 The Real Face of Jesus?

The History Channel recently aired a compelling new look  at the mysterious Shroud of Turin. Startling new evidence suggest the carbon dating procedure, which appeared to prove the shroud was a forgery, was actually conducted in error and new evidence suggests the shroud may be significantly much older. Utilizing amazing new computer technology, researchers and scientists have been able to reconstruct the facial image from the shroud and re-render it into a life-like image. Sacrilegious crazy talk or proof-positive of the past existence of Jesus Christ? You decide.

What is the Shroud of Turin? Look here:  www.shroudstory.com/whatis.htm

History Channel DVD-  http://shop.history.com/detail.php?p=261203&v=history_subject_religion











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A "God" Helmet?

(Similar to the "helmet" used in the novel - Fury in the Garden Dream Version?)

From the novel Fury in the Garden: Dream Version



Michael Persinger website




















I felt it necessary to add the fact that Dr. Michael Persinger's experiments could not be repeated nor verified by other researchers, leading many to believe his work to be in error or an outright hoax. It appears more research will be needed for this controversial subject.


More Info/Articles:











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